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There is so much more to Refuge Life than Sunday services!

Attending worship services is so important as we grow in faith & life, but we were created to experience a connection with one another that we can't get in services alone. That's why we have Refuge Groups!
It's in these safe spaces & supportive relationships that God shapes us into the men & women that He has created us to be, so we can live to-the-full the lives that He has invited us into with Him!

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This group is a fun, safe space for us to grow together in faith, in life, & in understanding of of God's Word can shape us into the people we desire to become. And if you're new to Refuge, this is a great way to build life-giving community!

We also have men's & women's chat groups to join!

WhatsApp Groups

Join a                         Chat Group!


We have                     chats- 1 for men & 1 for women- to help build community, study the Bible together, pray for one another, and plan in-person activities.


Step 1:

Download                    on your device


Step 2:

Create your                    account


Step 3:

Tap the appropriate button to join the group

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