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"Love your neighbor as yourself." -Jesus (Matthew 22:39)

Refuge isn't just a church IN San Mateo, we're a church FOR San Mateo! 

FOR OUR NEIGHBORS initiatives are the various projects and opportunities we put in place throughout the year to serve our schools, businesses, & neighbors.

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A big THANK YOU to everyone at Refuge who came together to love on our San Mateo neighbors during Serve Week!! We had a great time throwing a free party at Central Park, cleaning up the coastline at Coyote Point with our San Mateo Parks Department, & tackling a long list of projects at Parkside Elementary.

We are still all in this together,

and Refuge is still here for you!

Everyone is being impacted by this pandemic, but some are in need of outside help just to get them through. So we're are doing all we can to serve those in need in our community, but we need your help!

Click the images below for ways help & be helped.

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searching for hope?

Hope Within the Storm Graphic.png

When life hits hard, it can plunge us into a sea of questions we never wanted to have to ask. But when you feel broken, abandoned, and struggling to find answers, there really is a beacon of HOPE Within The Storm.
This 3-part message series can help you find the life, peace, & hope we all need in the midst of life's struggles.

Part 1: Wrestle & Embrace
Part 2: Waiting On God
Part 3: Remember & Embrace
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